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Screaming Eagles

Happy birthday blog and whatnot. 4 years now since this all started, and this is my 101st post. Been a while since the last one but I guess work and life caught up with me and the interest in blogging had started to wane a bit. Blogging.. so two years ago? I don’t know, it’s …

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Brighter Days Aheadvvv

Tough times, these.Resolution of conflicts on many fronts helps, but more is to come.Once we’ve jetted off east things will really start looking up.But until then: paint, parking, wood, tables, chairs, sardar, food, drink, lists, healthy doses of work and many more..We’re getting there.

Up Up and Away!

Took the plunge. Dealing with the fall-out. About to secure my freedom from the evil tentacled monster. Takes 12 steps, but I hit a brick wall at 8. Took time off to recuperate and recover my energy. Now back from paradise, rejuvenated and ready to take on the beast again. All eyes on the prize, …

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