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Whether you have a new site or an established store, your site speed is critical. Many store owners are unaware that the longer a page takes to load, the more likely it is that a potential customer will become frustrated and go elsewhere instead of waiting around for you video or high resolution image to load.

In planning out your websites UI, you have to do a trade-off between interactive or visual elements and speed.  Its very exciting to have a video that tells of all the great things that you do for your clients and images that shows the fine detail of just how amazing your products look, but these options, while very impressive indeed will take a lot longer for the server to load and present to the frontend of your site.  And this could lead to a bad experience for your users, lost sales and less than stellar reviews.

The solution is to have a more balanced and efficient approach.  A shorter more focused video, less flashy graphics and images that are scaled and optimized for the web, are the best ways to get your point across and also get it to your target market in as little as two to three seconds. Caching your site contend onto your customers browsers for easier access.

Finally, finely tuning your server settings to be optimal for your shopping cart, is an often overlooked option to make your your site lightning fast. I hope this information is helpful and you can use it to make your site appear to your customers as soon as they write the last letter of your url, as if by magic. If you can make these changes on your own, congratulations! We may have a job for you at QWeb!

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