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About SSL Installation

Ok, so if you do not have a SSL certificate on your site you need to get one installed now! An SSL will help you protect your site from hackers and snoops and you will also be protecting the data and identities of your customers. It is a requirement for ecommerce sites and if you do sell on your site, you must have https secure urls (You can see the green padlock in the url bar) on the cart and checkout pages. Many store owners think that having those urls secure is the all that is required but the truth is that is only the bare minimum.

A site is most secure if ALL the urls, from home page to static informational pages use the secure https protocol to serve the site text and image content. The installation of an SSL is a very straightforward process and an hour or so on the phone with your hosting company will get things started.

However the installing is only the beginning. Often only some content will be served properly over the secure protocol. You will need to see what is preventing the other content such as product images from being served properly. It may be necessary to change the urls of some images or pages manually to accomplish the holy grail of all SSL installations.


I know this may sound like a lot of gobbledy gook but don’t fret, we have installed countless SSL certificates for our many clients over the years and will get yours set up in no time, usually within 24-48 hours.

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