Is Magento 1 dead? 

Is Magento 1 dead? Will your site stop working after June 31st, 2020?
Well, the answers are a mixed bag.  Yes, Magento 1 is being phased out and will no longer be supported by Adobe Corp after June 31st.  But no your site will not stop functioning on this date if it was working well before.  However, since Magento will no longer be supporting Version 1.x sites, if there is some major coding issue on the platform or some major security breach, you will be on your own.
Magento will not offer any further software updates or patches and security issues will have to be handled by you and your developer, if you have one. So the message is, “so long and good luck to you” after this date.
Our advice then is to start planning your migration to Magento 2 as soon as possible.

Are you Ready?

Was that enough to get you ready to migrate?  Are you convinced, amped and excited to Migrate to Magento 2 this minute?
Well, not so fast! You will want to consider a few things before getting started.
First, is your Magento store dependent on your extensions to work properly?
You need to make sure that your extension developer has an M2 version that will do exactly what your site is doing now.  If not, we may need to custom develop that extension.
Secondly you will want to make sure your developer is experienced with Magento 2. Just because your M1 developer has done a great job with your site over the years does not mean that they are experienced or certified with Magento 2.  M2 is a totally different platform from M1 and if your developer is not prepared you will be in for a lot of trouble as well.
These are only two basic issues right off the bat but there are several others to consider as a migration moves from the initial to the midpoint and end stages.
We have successfully completed dozens of M1 to M2 migrations for our overjoyed clients so let us be your Magento 2 Migration partner to get your site upgraded and ready for primetime.  It will be done quickly and professionally and our amazing attentive customer service will make it a magical experience.

But if you are not quite ready to make the transition, know that we have over a decade’s experience with Magento 1 and can fix just about any issue you may encounter as Adobe moves away from their legacy platform.
Whether its a site redesign, extension integration or troubleshooting some strange Magento bug, let us know your pain point and we will get started on diagnosing the issue, figuring out the solution and fixing it right away.
Let us deal with the intricacies and strange idiosyncracies of Magento 1 while you focus on what you do best, take great care of your customers and grow your business!  And when you are ready to take advantage of all that Magento 2 offers and give new life to your online business, call us and let us do our magic
for you.

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